What’s New About Green?

Florey Homes knows that good design usually ends up being green design, too.

Green building and environmental sensitivity have become watchwords in the design/build industry, as homeowners and companies alike look for ways to become more efficient and more conscientious.

Building on Past Experience

What is a green home?  A green home is a better-built home, containing amenities and luxuries, but with the assurance that the home will out-perform and outlast homes built to standard construction codes.

Florey Homes knows that good design usually ends up being green design, too. Our approach to designing and building relies on systems that work. Saving energy, time and money works. Reducing waste and mistakes works. Improving the flow, the comfort, the quality of life-that’s what we’re working for. And sustainability flows naturally into all these goals.

Going Green

Green building is more than a fad, and our specifications have always kept energy-efficiency in mind. There are many shades of green when it comes to building a home, and we pride ourselves on helping our clients understand the difference. From energy-efficiency to sustainable products use, let us help you make the world a little greener.

The techniques used in green building employ good building practices and improved building materials and equipment.  The result is a home that can reduce energy consumption and waste while enhancing homeowner quality of life through the improvement of air quality and comfort.  At Florey Homes we maintain a level of care and efficiency in every project we undertake.  Green materials and equipment are typically more durable, more energy efficient, and more airtight than those used to build conventionally.

More Energy Efficient

Precision construction methods are used to create a significantly tighter building envelope. Our homes have an enhanced insulation package that decreases air infiltration by 99%. With this system, energy consumption can be decreased by as much as 50% compared with coventional insulation. To maintain air quality we use an air exchanger known as ERV (energy recovery ventilation). This ensures that our homes have the healthiest air quality at all times.   

Reduced Energy Consumption

Our homes use energy-efficient products such as “ENERGY STAR” appliances, “Low E” high performance windows, insulated doors, energy efficient “hybrid” heating and cooling systems, water-saving plumbing faucets and on demand hot water systems.  Several of our homeowners have taken advantage of geothermal systems and solar hot water heaters.

What’s Happening Today

Take a look at the “luxuries” listed here, and you’ll discover some of the ways green building works. But there’s more to environmental stewardship than these details. In pursuing good design, we have found many other ways to integrate caring for the earth and for our clients.

Good for You, Good for the Earth

They look like luxuries, but these details also save energy, water and waste:

  • Heated floor tiles in bath: Warmth here lets you turn down your whole-house thermostat with less discomfort.
  • Kitchen filtered-water source: No more plastic bottles-and easy to use.
  • Mixing valve on shower for precise temperatures: Less water wasted as you check temperature (and check again).
  • Light dimmers and motion sensors: Balanced lighting when and where you need it, with less electricity use.
  • Bamboo, recycled paper, recycled glass tile, local concrete: These and many more sustainable, highly durable materials give you enormous diversity in looks and styles.
  • Kitchen hot water dispenser: Less water down the drain while waiting for water to heat up; less energy wasted in heat dissipation from pipes.
  • Bath exhaust fans: Add comfort, subtract water escape through humidity.
  • Low VOC paints: Long-term indoor air quality improvement, overall environmental improvement, plus the best new colors.
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